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A SaaS based lead genration and marketing tool,that help you reach/carry your message to the target customers. Ad4u is a advertising platform which works on a simple PPC {Pay per click } module, with a in-built call for action button which will connect the best potential lead to you.

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Increase Your Sales With A Small Change In The Way You Advertise.

Explanatory video

make your sale sky rocket with explanatory video.

Script and voice over

We create awesome script in few moments that’s the commitment we take.


creativity comes with a cost-we serve only our niche client.

We love our client

your always welcome for a cup of coffee.

Advertising Partner

Looking for a team to handle marketing, Ad4u is the right place to be, We offer you a team for your company to market your product by understanding the product, establish the target audience and keeping track of the market. Our team thoroughly understand your product hence cutting through the areas of the target audience a lining out the perfect marketing approach for your firm. We keep you updated on the happenings through systematic reporting method. We take care of the advertising while you launch your business..

Lead Generation


We designed Ad4u as a simple to use yet powerful lead generation tool for corporate and startups.

Audience Attention/

Bring the attention of your audience over your product/service using creative videos or illustrations etc. Set your targets or seek the help of our expert team in identify the target audience for you Ad campaign for Better ROI.

Innovative Advertising Tool/

Acquire users from our innovative advertising platform. Our tool allows you to advertise your content to millions of active users. Take full control of your user acquisition. Try Ad4u to drive the proper users to your app/web/store.


Want to choose where your installs come from? Use our dashboard to select what you need. We provide you access to the data on how your campaign is doing at any set of time.

Incentivized Offer/

We run incentivized offer walls and deliver engagements from real users hence giving you better returns.


You can decide how much you would like to spend for your campaign. Pay only for Genuine clicks and potential customers.

/Automated Lead Generation

Identify your prospects with the highest potential for conversion with automated lead generation. We offer you better leads through our ad platform

/Advertising Campaign

Connect your advertising campaign with our publishers. Go into Live Mode in just a few short minutes! Creating ,Managing and running your campaign can take less than 5 minutes. You can set an engagement limit when creating a campaign.

/Easy Refunds

If you choose to terminate a campaign, all remaining bids will be refunded to your balance or added to another campaign.

Advertise differently and start making money.


Better lead management for higher conversions helps Increase the revenue potential of your business.We help you collect all relevant contacts of people who have expressed interest in your business. This way your sales team can focus on converting them faster. Create & Manage leads like a pro !!


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That's a lot of users


Average active users

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Total Success

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If you'd like to get in touch with us regarding our products and services, To give us some feedback or just to say hi, Don't hesitate to write to us or You can simply pick up the phone and call us.

: hi@ad4you.in
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