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The fact that the interaction between a brand and the public that it serves must always be smooth is of the essence for public relations. The PR Group takes on this challenge by combining conventional principles in public relations, enabling us to achieve optimal results that will further assist our customers in all their business sectors. AD4YOU is  one of the best PR agency in Bangalore. 


We understand that when the link between your brand and consumer public relations is a vital connection in itself, therefore we at AD4you work towards creating an image of an enterprise, its services, the products it provides and promoting it using offline and online channels. As one of Bangalore’s Top PR Agency, our PR professionals are able to build a valuable partnership.


As one of the Top PR Agency in the world, we develop our ties with publishers at leading media outlets to provide you with the desired results. With our established partnerships, strategic focusing and relevant pitching, we secure compelling prints, digital and multimedia placements to enable your brand as a market leader.



Media relations

Coordination of media conferences, press roundtables and media communications through a well-established network of leading newspapers, magazines, networks, radio stations and others. As a Top PR agency, we know what makes you special and we approach new media contacts to optimize your improvements to publicity. 

Building effective media relations with the right people across every communication channel is highly important for a growing business. Media relations is all about building good relationships with writers, producers, reporters and editors who cover your sector or industry.


Publicity Events

AD4YOU  is specialized in providing personal and professional memorable experiences for our customers. We assist you in your goal of producing impressive events that will win your guests’ heart and soul. Our objective can range from housing guests who work for the company (e.g. a Festive party), or perhaps inviting media, celebrities and other important people to learn more of what your company is offering Such as launch of a new product

Our team has the expertise and know-how to pull together major event experiences for new companies. We understand Guest lists are important and our staff know that the best people to invite are those who not only consolidate a profitable company but also make a return on investment.


PR Strategy

A PR strategy includes various communication and marketing strategies both online and offline. We develop and prepare tactics for online and offline marketing to ensure your brand is distinct from your competitors. The press release is one such strategy. Press Release is the best way of connecting with the press and your target audience. It is the most effective means of communication it informs, educates and identifies what you’re organisation is all about.

To Build a powerful brand identity its important to have great stories. Our team of extra Ordinary content Curators assist in crafting compelling content and other communication collaterals that links you to your audience and public in general.

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Industry Thought Leaders

We are associated with few best people in the industry.


Creative Content Curators

Best creative minds on work


Crisis Management

A team of dedicated problem solvers


Competitor Tracking

We watch your compitiors for you.


Specialized and Dedicated Team

We give you a specialized and dedicated team for all your requirement.